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I can't get this to work. I have tried several ways even the way they says worms in Lion but can't make this happen. We're talking about setting the background color in the message list? I'd say I suppose it might matter whether you're using the old pre Hi, I've just tried this but it does'nt work for me.

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I'm using Even creating a new message, the background remains white also whether i'm using rich text or plain text makes no difference. Is there something i'm missing? The hint is not written in the clearest manner. This method does not change the "background color of an email". When I read that phrase, to me that means that if you are composing a new email and you are typing text into the body, then "background color of an email" sounds like you are going to change the background color of the page that contains the text you are entering.

That is NOT what this hint does.

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What it does is change the background color of any particular email shown in a LIST of emails. So for example if you have 6 items listed in your inbox, you can select one of those and use this method to change the background color of that row in the list into which you just dragged or selected the color. So the email message itself is not changed, just how it is shown in a list view in the Mail window.

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Changing the background color of an actual email the color of the background into which you enter the body text is not what this Hint describes. However in my opinion, those are kind of goofy looking and unprofessional. Plus, they are buggy and don't do things like auto-resize very well.

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Thanks for that. I wish I had seen your comment first or that kirkmc had edited the hint name. Wasted time.

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Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. Although it's handy to be able to flag an important e-mail message in Mail, there is a more eye-catching method. Click to select a message, then open the Colors window by pressing Command-Shift-C. Choose your preferred color, and it will be applied to the message's background in your inbox or in a folder.

The right-most one has a document icon and a color chip in it. Click on that and the Colors control window appears. Then click a color.

Now, like with any rich text formatting, there is no way to guarantee that the recipient will get your message the way you send it. They could have their client set to only show them plain text versions of their incoming messages.

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