How to add all your friends to a facebook event on a mac

To access this feature, go the Publishing Tools tab , select Scheduled Posts and click the Create button.

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  3. Inviting Almost All Your Friends in Two Clicks;

Select the date and time to schedule your post. Scheduling posts can be especially useful for larger teams where you have different people creating and uploading Facebook content and targeting and launching your social PPC campaigns. You can see metrics for the likes, posts and engagement on these pages. For example, the Pages to Watch metrics below reveal that HubSpot page likes are currently at ,, up Also, there were five posts to the page, engaging people. This information can also give you a sense of how many times to post per week. In a nutshell, you can see how your social media marketing efforts stack up against others using real benchmarks their actual performance.

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Facebook is constantly being redesigned and refreshed, so it can be hard to keep up with all of the options available to you. But they can be valuable tools for your Facebook marketing. What do you think? Have you used any of these hidden features?

Do you have some favorite but less-known Facebook features or tricks? Please share yours in the comments below.

Get this free report and never miss another great article from Social Media Examiner. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Share. Interested in ways to improve your marketing? Wait until the drop-down menu offers you the names of your friends or pages you are following. The menu also includes pages you don't follow or haven't liked just based on how they might fit what you typed in.

When you begin typing after " ," Facebook will attempt to guess who you're looking for. Choose the correct friend or page from the list. Then finish typing out your status and hit share. The friend tagged will receive a notification that you tagged them. You can also use the "Tag Friends" feature:.

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Choose the "Tag Friends" button when creating a new status. Clicking "Tag Friends" will open a menu where you can type a friend's name. A "with" field will appear and you can type in your friend's name, without the need for the symbol. Once again, Facebook will try to autocomplete the field based on what you type. You should see the field now shows "with" and the name of your friend.

After that you can your post the status. The tagged friend will receive a notification. Much like you would on desktop, start typing your status and hit " " followed by the person's name.

How to tag someone in your Facebook status on desktop and mobile

The process for tagging on the app is similar to the desktop version. There, tap "Learn More. If you're friends with hundreds or thousands of people on Facebook, it understandably might not be worthwhile to put them all in your Gcal. In this case, it might be easiest just to take 20 minutes or so to add your close friends and family member's special days to your calendar.

How To Select and Invite All Friends to a Facebook Event

And really, did the annual onslaught of best wishes on Facebook add much to your life in the first place? In , Facebook introduced Marketplace, a feature allowing users to buy and sell items from people in their communities. As a replacement, consider Nextdoor , an app designed to keep you in the loop about what's happening in your neighborhood.

It has a free and for sale section that, like Marketplace, emphasizes local offerings, and feels less sketchy than Craigslist. Groups are the hardest feature of Facebook to replace, since they serve a wide range of purposes for different people. If you're looking to organize friends and family in one place, GroupMe is a great choice. The app helps create an organized group chat, where you can share photos and messages.

If you're looking for a larger circle of people interested in the same topic, there's almost certainly a sub-group on Reddit to fill your needs.

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The forum site has active communities organized around everything from skincare to anime. For many people, Facebook accounts have become de-facto identities across the internet, thanks to the social network's integration with third-party apps like Tinder and Spotify. When you sign up for a service using Facebook instead of filling out a form with your personal information, deleting that Facebook account creates additional headaches. The best replacement is a password manager, which can store your credentials for every site you use in one place.

It can also generate a new, secure password every time you sign up for a new website or service. Here's an in-depth guide to choosing the best password manager for you and why you should be using one. Our two favorite picks are 1Password and LastPass. While you'll still need to provide information like your name and email address—you usually don't need to manually input this info if you sign up with Facebook—using a password manager will prevent third-party apps from collecting the personal information you've provided to the social network.

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One word of warning: Many dating apps require Facebook integration to work, meaning you won't be able to use them if you delete your account. You can still create a Tinder account without Facebook, but you will loose all your current matches and conversations. Hinge and Bumble require you to have a Facebook account to sign up, though the latter company says it's working on dropping that requirement. While deleting Facebook might feel like a step in a more private direction, it's ultimately not going to do much to change the online digital economy that profits by collecting your personal information and selling it to data brokers.

Facebook collects arguably the most private information, but plenty of other popular social networking apps like Snapchat and Twitter collect your data too.

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That's their entire business model: When you're not paying for a product, you are the product. Even your internet-service provider is likely collecting your personal information. In fact, through its expansive ad network, Facebook even collects info from people who aren't even on the platform. Still, deleting your Facebook account will prevent some of your personal info from being sucked up, and might make you feel better too.