Mac shell shocked be all you can be

Be All You Can Be è tratto dall'Album Shell Shocked - Tracklist e testi

Visit best CoinMarketCap alternative. Real time updates, cryptocurrency price prediction Hey, hey. Know what I'm sayin? I got Fiend and Mac in here. These soldiers, warriors Know what I'm sayin? And survivors know but We're in serious times.

No guarantees, Lord please, can't bring back the past Can't buy time either, so I guess what's the use of havin cash? And look now, penitentiary's packed With niggas who had dreams to be rich Man spend a little bit, have a little something Dead men can't spend shit I'll trade some of this money for this pain Trade some of this money for this fame P nigga you think it's easy dog But it ain't cuz I been with you throughout this game [Mo B Dick] I thought we could flip keys together I thought we could make g's together Now I know what's going on I gotta make these dollars all night long I thought you saw the bigger picture How could you betray your closest nigga?

How can I ever trust you again? Tell me, man [Silkk] Yo Fiend, yo Mac. It's real. Gotta be able to do it. So many niggas wanna see you fall dog. We gon ball y'all, for real. Oh lord it's a dogs life It's a dogs life Oh lord it's a dogs life dogs life I'm feeling kinda It's bubbling inside me The life I lead is the life of a dog I may have fleas but I run our yard I aint no slave to a suit and a tie No ratfaced clone I'll never be that guy I aint caught up in some savage career?

I'm living in love lord not in fear I see those clones looking down on me But unlike those clones I man is free Save the bone for the clones My mentals homegrown I'd rather be myself than live my life like a drone If you got a job here's what i say You'll be off to work and I'll be on my way Skate a pipe or go dirt bike riding You'll be punching clocks And I'll be grinding and sliding grinds can-cans and knack-knacks It really don't matter cause I roam with the dog pack Ohla in stylee these make me My satisfaction when the crowd gets smiley Behind me chanting KottonMouth Kings Throw me on stage busting rymes blowing rings I'm feeling kinda It's bubbling inside me Lord have mercy forgive me for my sins I live the dogs life so how do I begin I aint never had a dope track to write a dope rap I started with the broke pack Then I handled that No full track to playback Just my ghettoblaster I ball grip with D-Loc Then the mic I master Imagine I go to work on a Monday morning While I contemplate lord what I'm doing I might go surfing or write a song instead I might Dreaded one, straight Vodka, best selling crime shocker Tellin street stories, famous in the ghetto, knife glory Takin lives, cuz the RZA shouldn't of let me out the hive La the Darkman Chorus 2x Word up, civilize, knawi'msayin, La the Darkman Mobb Deep, get sniped in your sleep, word up, word up Triple Darkness.

I'm takin em out, a lot I got More than you could pop I'm rockin the spot, so now they jock Dump em and get dropped 2Pac ain't tryin to hear it, Ox Screamin at your box I'm swearin at ya not so uh Static is the last thing you need when you see me Better have a bat or a gat to defeat me Nigga, I'm a whole posse rolled into one shot Takin on your gat while your girl gets hot and rocks the spot Fear funky flavor with the gift that only God gave Hold it to my grave I'd rather die than be a slave Slaves come as dope dealers Some come as addicts Some come to run while the others cause static [Hook] [???

What happened to them real motherfuckin G's? Fake motherfuckers need to raise up offa these [Hook] X 2. Shut up, nigga. Shut the fuck up, nigga. Here they come. Here they come, nigga. Duck down, nigga. Duck down. There they are. Come on, nigga. Come on.

These assholes are nothin'. Nigga, run for it. Nigga make-- Cop: Freeze, muthafucka! I'm little Ripsta. Leather Face comin' to kill 'em at night.


I pop pop droppin' them niggas with the glock gun. Nigga, you best start run, duckin' the shotgun, leavin' 'em up off my block stunned. One eighty seven lesson, and we done told ya. You fuckin' with Bone, you better believe we livin' like soldiers. We lovin' that thugsta shit, so nigga, just throw your pumps in the air.

Then you pump pump, put one in a copper like ya just don't care. You don't wanna fuck with, you don't wanna buck with a realer nigga. Better check my manuscript: Senseless killa. Facebook Twitter Email. Full Name? Most people use their real name. Select Gender? This helps us keep people, musicians and brands searchable on Myspace. Please select Female Male Unspecified. This is your profile URL.

Shell Shocked Album

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