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Having more powerful machines like the Mac Pro will enable Blackmagic to do more too, Petty said. The company gives away its do-everything software, Davinci Resolve, an industry standard for color correction and grading of video. Since acquiring Davinci, Blackmagic has added major other functions, including video editing, visual effects and audio post-production. The company makes its money mostly from dozens of kinds of video- and audio-production devices, including professional video cameras, sound-editing boards, switchers, monitoring equipment and more.

Petty, who's based in Australia, attended the Apple developer conference in San Jose, and used the visit to also check on his company's Bay Area operations.

We review the best computers for video editing, for any budget.

It was his first chance to see the final Mac Pro product. But we hadn't seen the industrial design.

External GPU worth it for Video Editors? Macbook Pro + eGPU vs 5K iMac

As for those with more modest budgets but a serious jones for some of the power of the new Mac Pro, Blackmagic sells relatively inexpensive external GPUs that it designed with Apple and released over the past six months. The eGPUs are designed to provide owners of Mac laptops a big graphics boost for a modest additional cost.

That very fast card gives a inch MacBook Pro laptop a speed boost of as much as 22 times when doing certain graphics-intensive visual effects in Davinci Resolve, Blackmagic claims. The company touts the eGPUs as useful not only for much faster content creation, but also for playing high-end video games or using virtual-reality headgear. For someone cutting industrial videos or YouTube projects, for instance, it can be a useful improvement in editing time for a modest additional cost, without requiring a new and more expensive computer. Even on my more powerful That usefulness will only increase as more programs are updated to take advantage Serif's terrific Affinity Photo and Designer programs added eGPU support this week, for instance.

Best Mac for Video Editing in 12222

The hub functions are unexpectedly valuable too. You can plug in external hard drives, displays, and other peripherals needed to pound out a major creative project, then click a menu bar icon to disconnect the eGPU, unplug from the USB-C cable, and head out with your laptop in hand. It's not a new Mac Pro, but for mere mortals without the high-end needs or equipment budgets of Hollywood's creative class, it's a superb and low-stress step in the right direction.

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Those that don't can often still be used by slightly altering some text in the relevant kernel extension's. To avoid an unexpected reboot, you'll need to ensure that the Thunderbolt enclosure is powered on before booting up the Mac Pro and that you don't turn it off while the computer is running.

I said before that the Mac Pro has six Thunderbolt ports. Well, there's a slight catch. And the Mac Pro appears ready. Apple officially claims the computer can support up to three 4K displays. In fact, considering a single consumer Radeon card can drive a 16K x 16K video wall through one DisplayPort 1. But once again, the Mac Pro has gotten ahead of itself.

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If you just want to hook up a 4K TV to the HDMI port or a Thunderbolt port using an adapter and push out video at 24 to 30 frames per second, you're in good shape. MST is a feature of the DisplayPort 1. As a workaround to get 4K60 right now, you have to send two of these streams at half 4K resolution x to a single 4K computer monitor. Unfortunately, at the moment, only a handful monitors know how to deal with MST streams in this configuration. Let's face it: not everyone in the video-editing community is going to need a Mac Pro—although we may all want one. A lot can be accomplished on mid-range consumer desktops or even laptops these days. The system offers as much power as you can get without building a machine yourself. And it fits in even among the most modern, stylish decor. If you are planning on editing multiple streams of 4K RAW, if you are doing advanced color correction, or if you're creating 3D animation, you're probably a candidate for a Mac Pro.

If you're editing a wedding or corporate videos shot in AVCHD and doing minimal color correction, then to say the Mac Pro is overkill is probably an understatement—most likely an iMac will serve your needs just fine. If you find yourself spending a lot of time waiting for things to render, or if you've thrown on so many effects in the time lime the footage is unplayable, the dual GPUs and 12 cores might be just what you need.

At the same time, it is important to remember that simply throwing more power at the problem won't always solve the problem. If you're still editing on Final Cut 7, for example, then all of the processing cores and RAM in the world isn't going to make the program run any faster. FCP7 was written to run on ditch water because that was exactly what you needed back in the day.

But today it simply can't take advantage of a more powerful machine. Once it has consumed 1. Regardless of what kind of video you are editing or grading, what really determines whether the Mac Pro is worthwhile is the software you plan to use. In general, software that we can expect to be able to exploit what the Mac Pro has to offer will be the latest, most top of the line, applications like Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve or AutoDesk Softimage.

Authors of these kinds of programs expect you to be using high-performance workstations, because the workflow they entail requires it, and will develop their product accordingly. Thunderbolt also supports daisy-chaining of up to six devices. Parallel processing results in more efficient workflows, including faster transcode times and the ability to play back video in full quality and in real time even after effects and color corrections have been applied. Decoding, rendering, transcoding, effects processing all still rely, at least to some extent, on the CPU.

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Having multi-core, multi-threaded processors is essential for many of today's HD and 4K productions. RAM allows more applications to run smoothly when opened at the same time.

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In addition, many color-correction and effects applications render preview frames into RAM, limiting the duration of playback by the amount of system RAM your computer has. If there is a different shipping address please include that as well. Please send your email request to: sales bandh.

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I am testing on a iMac with 4GB ram The data is all loaded into RAM when you load one of the organ digital sample sets. There RAM and speed are most important to take advantage of the full digital sample set. Just wondering. I have a monitor - 16x9 - that I assume will work. Had it on a pc - dvi I believe. The price really jumps to go with the 6 core Intel. From what I can see the new Mac Pro is one of the best choices for your software. Here is what Hauptwerk recommends:. You may want to contact them for their recommendations as well.

Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ. Skip to main content. Dual FirePro GPUs If there is one thing Apple has been faulted for in the past, it has been their tendency to ship wimpy graphics cards in even their highest-end systems. How will the Mac Pro benefit me? Related Articles. Tips and Solutions.