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Sure would be nice if Maxon could create some kind of permanent, plugin-only serial number that developers could use. Then they could just send out updates to registered users as they became available. Short of that, it would be nice if developers could use a system like they have with rhino. You get an e-mail notifying you of the update, go to the included link, type in your existing registration number and new C4D number, and get the required info. In another e-mail.

I wasn't trying to criticize plugin developers; just stating that, for me, the process of updating plugins has become a factor in whether or not I decide to buy more plugins. I purchased the plugin six years ago, but fortunately I still have the e-mail. The link provided in that e-mail doesn't work. After fumbling around for the better part of an hour I figure out that I got another e-mail, about four years ago, saying that the developer had to change servers and providing another d'l link.

As from my side it will probably take a while till someone takes the time to alter the code of AVT Align to Vector www. Sure hope it gets ported to R12 because I cannot think of a worthy replacement at the moment. Just ported it and sent it to the creator, it'll surely be available soon on the defcon-x site. In the meantime you can download it here too. All credits of course go to mogh and Zaphod!

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Have fun, -Andre. I've never thought that 'artist' and 'businessman' belonged in the same sentence, either. The better I am at one, the more the other suffers. Having PayPal options makes things easy for me, so I buy more plugs than I would having to go find my wallet and type in a long card number, exp.

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PayPal is super-easy, I use it so readily that I forget what plugins I bought. I really like Adam's idea about a 'for-life' non-changing C4D serial extension that can be used to register plugins. That would be a great idea.

Look, as a plugin developer it doesn't make me happy having to rebuild my plugins for each new version and then spend lots of time updating serial numbers from requests. If there was some serial number that was C4D-independent that would make it easier for all of us. My degamma serial number stayed the same for the plugin and seems to not be dependent on the C4D one as i just used my previous serial from R11 in my R12 NET Server install.

So it seems possible as it is now. I think tying them to the C4D serial number is a choice the plugin developer has chosen to make so for them to then complain about having to re-issue them seems like was their own choice. Lennart, how's the r12 update coming? Right now, it doesn't look like it's been updated since r Hi there Navstar. As this addition is said to be included in an upcoming service update there will be a little wait Normally I would be able to use the Demo to prepare an update the tools but not this time So big props for Maxon dev's!

A gigantic frigging kick in the face of sales. I'm disappointed beyond belief as evidently reading the forums people that have ordered R12 -after- the release have it installed and running. The MSA I signed up for is absolutely worthless yea, a couple of bucks off, so what. A couple of weeks ago I was childishly thrilled and finally started to put together the SteadyTOOLSv2 with loads of production tools I've used last couple of years.

Let's say my enthusiasm has frozen to zero and xfiles my free stuff is dead and I see no reason to add anything there for time to come. And I now need to fully concentrate on my own production for the rest of the year. I am wondering whats going to happen with some of my favorite plugins in r So far many of them have not bin updated. Possibly some of you might be able to let me know what will come of them.

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First would be to double check your list against what has been posted I've had a light lister for R12 for a while now so it certainly has been recompiled Yes I have checked out the list most are not available. I thought others might have had better luck.

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Lightlister has only been recompiled in 32bit the same for chamfermaker. Dann It's not impossible. But it is more complicated to generate serial numbers based on some other information the information has to be unique and non-determinant or format. Maxon seems to build-in a literal 'serial' number that is unique to each build. A one-man shop like most of us plugin developers really doesn't have the time or resources for that type of operation. Cinema 4D provides a relatively simple way to correlate a plugin serial number with the Cinema 4D base serial number which avoids the possibility of it being spread about.

Per-Anders will have to chime in on DeGamma and maybe some alternative approaches. Some plugins, like cage deformer, have a little license file that you drop into your c4d directory. I like it better than serialization, but its still somehow annoying. My naive wish is that all these programs c4d included and plugins would get rid of serialization entirely.

Sure piracy would become rampant, but it is already. By basically giving the platform away the legitimate user base would become massive. Clever companies wink, wink: Maxon would figure out how to make money through a marketplace of special add-ons and enablers, like the app store for iphone. Heretical, I know. Copy protection is so last century. Here's the rub: you want people to copy your software! Disappointed to report that SurfaceSpread 1. It just quits and never restarts. Just wanted to let others know who may be experiencing the issue and need that reset client ability from NET Server dann.

My plugin 'sIBL Loader' is now available in two versions, v1. These can now be downloaded from my site at Please be sure to download the correct version for your release of C4D.

Full details of the plugin plus the changes since the original release can be found on my site. Any comments, but reports, and suggestions for additional features will be most welcome. Steve Thank you sooo much. Testing continues and Mac version still needs to be done. No exact ETA other than 'soon' maybe within the next few days. Morph Mill - pretty much the same state as Riptide Pro. Built for PC, not yet for Mac, more testing needed. Undertow - R12 port not yet started. KyamaSlide - R12 port not yet started but planned. Having said that, the initial R12 Riptide Pro build will also at least have an update for R I'll post an update once I have plugins ready to go.

Cheers, Keith. I hadn't looked into the Undertow port yet, but due to the way the code is structured, hopefully it'll be less trouble than Riptide Pro was:. On the other hand, due to 'what' the plugin does lot's of UVW manipulation , that's one of the things that definately changed in R12, so. We'll see.

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On the first 'just hit the compile button' attempt, it reported errors I think Riptide Pro 'started' with about compile errors - KyamaSlide 'only' had about Note that this number is a bit misleading, since the compiler bails after a certain number of errors on each file and fixing some errors will eliminate some others, so maybe there's or so edits that need to take place to just get it to compile cleanly again. Once it compiles cleanly, that doesn't mean that it still 'functions' correctly; , so then testing begins and more edits are often needed.

Sorry for babbling. I'm just killing time while I get R12 installed and updated on the Mac:thumbsup:. Awesome to hear there will be a R12 version of KyamaSlide. I use this all the time in I've made a donation to the plugin development fund to show my appreciation: Cheers, Brian Thanks for the donation Brian I just saw that come in. You don't know how much that helps and is appreciated at this particular moment in time!

Thanks again. Hi Keith, good to hear!

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I'd really like to see that for R12 too. And it's a pity that the free Riptide version won't make it to the R But perhaps you can simply make a new free light version, based on the Riptide Pro code after that one is R12 ready. This way it should be an easy thing to manage, don't you think? Yeah, I forgot about that one in my earlier list.