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If you want to ensure full Mac compatibility on your USB drive or flash disk, follow the easy steps below. The only way to be sure of the content you are formatting is to first remove the USB drive from Mac, know the title of other storage disks, insert the USB disk again and note the name of the disk. Now you are sure not to be formatting a wrong disk this way. Then you are set to get it done! As earlier stated, you need to first back up your USB drive before formatting the drive as you may not be able to recover the contents again.

Restore a MacBook Pro OS X ≤ 10.6.8 NO DISK

Now, you can follow the steps to be highlighted below to get it successfully formatted. Step 2. Step 3.

How to Erase External Hard Drive on Mac More Successfully

Select the drive you want to format and click on Erase. Step 4. Step 5. Then select Master Boot Record for scheme, hit Erase.

Format a disk for Windows computers using Disk Utility on Mac

Step 6. Once the process is done, you are ready to reuse the drive with FAT32 file system to save data again. I am sorry to hear that your SSD is still not working.

Launching Terminal From Mac OS X

If you had purchased your SSD from us please contact our tech support team. None of the above worked for me. Hi, Scott. I recently tried to install Transcend Jetdrive but after erase it vanished and not even these commands found it Any ideas plaese.

Sorry to hear about the issues. My recovery mode is in Mavericks.

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Do I have any options? Is my computer basically a paperweight at this point? This is very dependent on your exact computer and replacement drive. If you bought an OWC drive and are having issues please contact our tech support team.

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I have a MBP , with high sierra now. I remember not being able to use the web recovery mode so i had to re-install lion using an external bootable usb with lion on it and upgrading via the app store all the way up to yosemite and sierra. I am no expert but you could do the same with mavericks in your ssd and upgrade from there.

Diskpart VS Hard Drive Formatting Software

To make things easier, I created a bootable thumb drive with High Sierra with the recovery partition. With this, you can do a clean install of High Seirra. Great article. These steps in Terminal did the trick, thanks. So thank you.

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Hi, Charles. Hi Charles.

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Did the tech support team help you? It happened to me also disk not seen in Diskutil list on the terminal … but I rebooted the mac again and start from the beginning and then it showed up in Disk Utility it was not the first time. But just reboot and after a few time it should detect it. I am sorry to hear about the issues Guilherme.

here If the issue persists and you bought the drive from us please contact our support team. This article really helped! At that point I knew from your article that formatting the drive and restoring from a TimeMachine backup would be fairly easy. Or will it not give you an option of installing High Sierra?

If the computer was not upgraded to High Sierra before hand the internet recovery will be for an older OS. Is it at all possible to upgrade to high sierra if you were not already upgraded to it before installing the new SSD? B If the SSD is not showing up Terminal sould be used to format the drive, which is outlined in the remaining steps.