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Is this one the version ?

I forgot to mention that I only tested it Unreal v1 in OS 9. If you have the time to upload it, I'd be happy to test it. I remember playing it a long time ago but I don't have it anymore. It was a nice game. I have the very first UNREAL CD not tournament , but I don't know if the CD is damaged 'cuz after installing it, it doesn't run it "freezes" SheepShaver although the disc is not scratched, actually I remember playing it only two or 3 times so it's barely used, and never finished the game in my Performa I used to have.

Unreal Tournament 3 Black on Steam

I have not used this game on a Real Mac since I don't know if someone would be interested in testing it, no guaranties, and it's over Mb file. I been there too, Asar The loss of a loved one puts your life upside down, and it can never be the same again. It's good to see people overcoming that ugly experience.

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Nice to have you here. Lost track of the guildies after my dad died and I abruptly stopped playing. The Demon Slick.

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No, mac users can run UT3 through "windows" but it's not the same as playing on your native OS Good luck! Originally posted by Gameslaya View Post. Oh, wow it actually works? But happens to it on the virtual computer OS?


Does the resolution screw up, or does the game lag? I would switch from windows to mac os x in a heartbeat if ut3 was available there.. It's the only game I actually keep playing. Originally posted by Pop!

MacSoft announces Unreal Tournament 3 for Mac

View Post. Which brings me neatly back on topic. Mac users waiting for UT3 likely bought a windows copy instead long ago and made do with that.

senrei-exorcism.com/images/use/cell-phone-sms-track-vivo-y17.php I can't see them justifying a second copy for OS X when the game isn't quite the flourishing success we all hoped it would be.. Originally posted by demoniac View Post. Crimson Avenger. I'm glad other people are bugged by this. I will order the mac UT3 as soon as it releases if ever at this point.

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While UT3 may have flopped in the PC community the mac gaming world is very different. UT3 would be far and away the best shooter on the mac even 2 years after it's PC release date. Don't even mention COD4 to me.

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  8. Surely they'd release the Mac client as a binary installer, if at all. I strongly doubt they'd bother to release the game again packaged and stuff. Originally posted by Shino View Post. If it's for offline, trying-out purposes, I think you know where to find it, and that you can't ask this here.