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Well, now you can! The Bingo Caller can draw from specific balls, such as only drawing "B" and "O" numbers for 4 corners. The Bingo Caller also has several card patterns you can use and display for each game of Bingo you play. You can also create your own pattern! It will also display all of the called numbers, as well as how many numbers are left. The Bingo Card Generator easily generates as many cards as you'd like. You can choose to have a "Free Space" square in the center, or have it filled in with a number.

Both files and an extra stand-alone board are included in this zip folder download.

Camping Bingo Free Printable Cards

A simple program enabling you to run a british style bingo game with numbers generated randomly, a check screen, and suggested bingo lingo. The fast, simple way to schedule people, equipment and other resources online This program is a ultimate styled game built using python and compiled to a exe. Although you cant play games they are simulated it is still pretty cool. It is also in a very early stage and only the card generator is done. An unofficial spell card generator for tabletop games involving large lizards living in underground structures.

Works with most any edition that has spells. No data files are included in either the code or the application download. NET Framework 4. It's basically a pile of spaghetti.

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The only reason I posted it at all is because I really liked the way the cards I built the application to help my school's local PTA setup for Bingo nights; however, you can use this application for personal use. This application may not be used for illegal gambling purposes.

The caller application has two right click menu embed into the application. One is the on control that shows the game you are playing, and the second This application plays games of Bingo with the user. It provides a large variety of game options, such as: call speed, number of cards , AI difficulty, and game type. The most recent game options are stored in a preferences file, so that they are remembered throughout executions. This program allows to play loto- bingo , to create and to edit cards.

Custom Bingo Cards

BingoCardMaker automates the process of generating random bingo cards from a set of images. The cards are highly customizable; you can change their size, title, colours, output format, and filenames -- all through a user-friendly interface. A Perl program that randomly generates HTML bingo cards from a pre-defined list of prompts, perfect for fiction or art prompt challenges.

How to generate bingo cards with the Bingo Card Generator Excel program

Entertains children studying vocabulary, etc. Good for playing with winners' acceptance speeches during certain televised awards shows. Command-line interface for word list generation; web interface for printable card generation. A php based interface for generating Libre cards from given spoilertext.

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Capable of rendering even the most malformed Libre cards. Intended for the Libre Card game, but applicable for other systems. GPL bingo card printing program numeric, letter bingo and picture bingo. Also prints a calling sequence equivalent to the output from a barrel full of balls. XML output for later linking to multimedia engine. Brilliant Bingo is a Bingo Sheet generator developed in Delphi.

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The purpose of this project is to enable fundraisers to easily generate Bingo Sheets for Bingo Tournaments. Designed to aid with bidding theory and development. Hands and can be created using points, distribution and fixed cards restrictions.

The PHP script allows the user to generate Bingo cards which can then be printed or viewed at any time. In game mode, the software generates random Bingo numbers and displays a list of winners and numbers drawn. It takes directory structure with gif images of the catalog cards as an input.

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