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Processing will stop once a connection is either explicitly allowed, or explicitly denied, so you can't chain them together. If you need to do that, put all the constraints in a single policy. You'll also want to enable accounting to troubleshoot any issues that connections have while authenticating.

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Logging to a Sql Server is preferred, but a text file option is also available, and there are plenty of "log readers" out there. This is beyond the scope of this article though, but I'd be happy to author another article on how to configure those, and how to decipher the contents of the logs. You should only need to do this once or twice, and this is applied at the "root" level meaning you don't have to configure switches unless you have VLANs--I'm keeping it simple and doing the trunk untagged network.

Give it a name like "Active Directory NPS" or something descriptive, and configure it as shown in the screenshot below.

DIY MAB Library for Microsoft NPS

Make sure you make note of the Shared Secret you specify here as you'll need it for the NPS backend configuration. This is the encryption key used for the handshake between Controller and NPS, and should be of high complexity.

If you want accounting, enable that, and you can specify more than one destination for accounting in my case, I'm sending accounting data to both the local Controller instance as well as my NPS server--once sent to NPS, it processes it and writes it to whatever logging persistence you have configured. Once your profile is created, you'll need to configure your Wireless Network to use it.

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If anyone needs more details about any of the above, I'd be happy to post instructions in the comments. I use NPS to authenticate every type of network connection in my Unifi installations. Next you'll need to configure a couple of templates in NPS: Templates allow you to specify some basic configuration information and then reuse them in policies so you're not constantly typing everything repeatedly. Understanding this distinction is important as you'll need to gather the network information about every single wireless access point that will be using your NPS instance.

Here's a list of what you'll need to gather before you configure NPS clients:. You can create IP filters as well, but that's beyond the scope of this article. You can see that I have templates for basically all of my network equipment except switches, though you'd need to add switches as well for wired policies. Once your templates are configured, you'll need to define policies to specify what types of networks are allowed to connect, and what users are allowed to connect.

For the sake of this article, we'll keep it simple. Internal reference identity on the client peapmschapun tc-ax-dot1x.

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Configure RADIUS Authentication with Active Directory for Mobile VPN with L2TP

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