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This way we both win. If wow decided to make a server in oceanic at this point it would isolate you from the group finder and the US battle grounds. The only player base you would have to draw on with group finder would be other oceanic players. I can feel your pain. But most likely its not going to happen. The way the oceanic under seas cables are run is part of the issue. I travel a lot for my job. Most oceanic countries get better ping times to the US then any central location in the area do to how the ocean fiber cables are run.

Diablo 3 servers have a lot less to make them function then wow servers. The game is actually far less complicated. If anything it would increase it not decrease.

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Its only -3 from Sydney time to the EST coast. Us players are either still awake or just getting up and playing during your prime time. For PVP your times would be longer because less people. The more people the faster there is to get a group.

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And for the PVE players the dungeon wait times will go through the rough. Being connected to 3 million other players is actually an advantage then only having thousand to draw on. I play both from the US and when I am traveling from the oceanic area. I can get a group instantly with group finder regardless of the time of day.

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That's far from desirable, from those times its 5 am in US when its 8pm in Sydney. And like I said, it will reduce the amount of players we can connect with, but it reduces the amount of players trying to connect, thus reducing the amount people in that queue which makes it basically the same as it is now if not faster, but then factor in the added prime time bonus.

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  • Hate to use this as an example but take a look at some of the private servers for wow, the popular ones have a player base average of like online at a time, yet bg and arena queue time are some of the main reasons people play them. There are somethings being missed in all this. First, "Hosting" a webpage is nothing at all like hosting a game. Most ISPs can't host actual game servers, or rather it's impractical. There is quite a lot of infrastructure required. If you check out true hosting companies, such as GoDaddy, and see what equipment they have in the datacenters, the networking aspect is relatively minor in terms of total resources.

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    They simply, probably, have to buy more building space, making sure it's near a substation that has a large power feed, upgrade all the airconditioning it's way more required than a typical office building , and install large UPS racks- which themselves draw alot of power and generate alot of heat. That's a huge investment. Now, you need to divide that cost by the number of players that datacenter could serve. There is also the consideration that if you isolate any given region of players from say North America or Europe, they can no longer effectively group in randoms with the North American players.

    That reduces the pool of players. Finally, the grouping would need to be with those with a common language base. The isolation of Australia and relatively minor population creates a real set of problems for creating the 'typical' gaming conditions. May 12, Why the hell are you talking about underwater cables. Asia already has their own servers, so there's no need for east Asia to even connect to oceanic.

    What do you mean rest of the region? Its literally Australia and New Zealand and maybe New Guinea that has a problem, and they all connect directly. What is the difference between Haste Rewards and Haste Pro? Do I need an account to use Haste? How do I create an account? How do I change my password? How do I change my username? How do I retrieve my password?

    How do I retrieve my username? How do I change my email address? I receive an account validation error. How do I download Haste? What are the system requirements for Haste?

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    Does Haste support consoles? How do I launch Haste? How do I use Haste? How do I turn off Haste? How do I uninstall Haste? Haste is a network optimizer for video games, reducing lag, packet loss, and jitter to improve your gaming experience. You can learn more about Haste at https: VPNs are traditionally used to create encrypted point-to-point connections for enterprises over the public Internet. These connections use unintelligent routing and do not offer any features for real-time applications.

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    Haste uses custom network infrastructure, protocols, and routing algorithms to create a mesh network of private connectivity to specifically optimize real-time applications. This connectivity is enhanced with multipathing to provide redundancy and diversity. You can learn more about how Haste is different at https: Haste does not monitor personally identifiable information or any kind of browsing data or other Internet activity. Haste only monitors and maintains your network connections to gamer servers and how they are performing over time so that we can constantly improve our service.

    GO, and many more — See our full list here! If you play a supported game on servers in a supported region, Haste will optimize your connection regardless of your location. Games and regions not listed on this page are not supported at this time. If you have suggestions and would like to express interest in a region you want to see Haste expand to, feel free to fill out our Game and Region survey! In addition to using Haste, you can take the following actions to potentially improve your performance:. You can reach Haste Support by emailing us at support haste.

    Haste is safe to use.

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    Our software is digitally signed by a certificate authority, which guarantees that the software has not been altered or corrupted since it was signed. Haste also passes security scans. You can upload the Haste installation file to VirusTotal , a subsidiary of Google, and see the scan results from over 60 security products.

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