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Here are the required specifications:.

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If you meet all of the above system requirements, you can now move on to the tutorial part of this article. Before we begin, we must note that many users of this method of getting Final Cut have seen this message: You should eject the disk image after downloading it.

So to solve this problem, go to Terminal and type subo spctl —master-disable. Instead, we will update the download link on this page when a new version becomes available.

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If you have any questions about the above tutorial or the software, please use the comment section below. Image Source: Here are the required specifications: OS X v How to get Final Cut Pro X Now we can begin the tutorial: Once it has downloaded, open the Final Cut Pro X YouTube Now drag and drop the file into your Applications folder.

Try Final Cut Pro X free for 30 days.

This is why I am making this instructable. If any of you that are reading this have a mac and make videos then you are in luck.

Part 2. Best Final Cut Pro Alternative for Video Editing Beginners - Filmora Video Editor

Just follow these simple steps and you will have Final Cut Pro for free within minutes. Just head over to http: Once Final Cut Pro has finished downloading you can launch it and start working on your videos for the next 30 days until the trial ends.

Make sure you note down the day you downloaded Final Cut Pro because that date will be essential if you want to be able to use it after the 30 days are over. Once your 30 days are up you will be prompted with a message that tells you that the trial version of Final Cut Pro has ended.

Part 1. How to Install Final Cut Pro on Mac?

Once this happens you need to quit the application and go into the Date and Time settings. From there you will need to change the date back to the exact day after you downloaded the application.

Then you can relaunch Final Cut Pro and resume using it. Once it has been launched you can change the date back and continue to use it without any problems.

Final Cut Pro for Mac - Download

Question 4 months ago on Step 4. So each time I want to log out of the application I have to change the date back? How do I end up saving the work that I have already started working on?