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However, Intuit has done nothing but gone down hill over the last few years. But i have just about had it with Intuit.

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Mac from Windows based. Seems you found this thread a little too late to help you. Intuit has always dumbed down the Mac version of their software by removing bells and whistles that were available, and expected, on the Windows side.

Earlier versions of QuickBooks had on-line banking included which made check writing and reconciling an easy, but not necessarily painless, process. I could never understand how a supposed cross-platform financial program would use a completely different format on each platform for storing the data.

That is positively Asinine! Neither could open the other without the "help" of a convertor, Tech Support Paid or a whole lot of user editing. They do advertise that the two are "compatible" but never get to the "fine print" Despite years of practice, Intuit have failed to deliver a decent product, be it QuickBooks or Quicken, for the Mac.

You may want to take a look at MYOB and see how they compare, although there will still be the expense of purchasing it and "possibly" a conversion problem. Thanks for sharing, it may save some others from the same fate as you P. Intuit does not appear to be serious about MAC accounting. Their support and policies are awful: Old report formats, stoogy, don't work well with banks and credit cards, lose data, you name it.

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I am still looking and just have not found what I will use, but it won't be Quickbooks!!! I hate Quicken for Mac but used it with my PC for over 15 years and loved it. I have just spent a second gruelling round dealing with incompetent, ignorant Quicken tech support who have for the second time in three months completely fouled up my Quicken data in their ineffectual attempts to solve what is clearly a software glitch.

They insisted I had corrupted data in my system, which I didn't. Everything they did to my program resulted in loss of data, and the underlying software problem is still not solved.

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In addition, after spending over two hours on the phone with them, I went back to my Quicken account and tried something else - cleaning up my list of categories - which resulted in 6 crashes in the space of a half hour, and further data loss. I hate Quicken and am very anxious to find a good accounting and on-line payment program for my Mac.

Any ideas? And I refuse to run any Microsoft program system on my Mac - it's bad enough I have to run Microsoft Office for Mac in order to communicate with the majority of the rest of the computer-world. Please do advise!!! Personal Financial Software for Macs.

Both have a very good price, FREE! That post above yours looks like an. Thank you. Yes, after I posted last night I did some online research and found three programs - the top three rated for Mac: I think I'm going to try Fortora Fresh. Death to Quicken for Mac. It's called Quicken Financial Life and is a from-the-ground-up rebuild. I installed the beta and it looks really promising.

Check out the new Quicken due out this summer. How did you get the beta? I singed up but got the thank you but How is it going compared to the current version of Quicken Windows.

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I tried all the Mac Specific finance software, but none seemed to do all that I can with Quicken. I am still using in Parallels but would hope the Mac version is good enough to make me switch. Maybe it was easier to get then. Intuit is adding functionality to the beta a little at a time so at present there are still things QFL can't do e.

The basic interface is a huge step up from Quicken for Mac The only other Mac finance software I've tried are iBank and Moneydance, neither of which impressed me. I sent a question to Moneydance support and got a response around six months later, long after I had removed it. That's a deal breaker for me Quicken Life. Inspired by this thread and tired of Quicken opening about a dozen windows on my desktop every time I start it, I downloaded a couple of trial software packages yesterday. I really like iBank.

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Not only is iBank a Mac software product that is easy to use, it has done a great job downloading and organizing brokerage accounts for me. In fact, my k plan is held by Fidelity NetBenefits and iBank is the only financial management program I have found that quickly and easily downloads data from this site. When setting up that account the software warned me that NetBenefits downloads are not yet working for everyone, but I had no problem at all.

You have the option of selecting the accounts that are included in this summary. Transactions appear in a ledger to the right of the Library list. So a grocery purchase has a small grocery basket next to it and a gasoline purchase has an image of a fuel dispenser next to it. These images can be customized to your liking, but the reality is that they offer little in the way of real value.

Once selected these accounts can be customized to include specific accounts and categories. I found the budgeting tools to be excellent and, if you choose to use the envelope method, simple, when necessary, to pull money from one envelope so you can put it another. Scheduled transactions automatically appear in the Calendar app. If your bank account is setup to use bill pay features you can use iBank 5 to pay your bills, with the added benefit that iBank 5 will first check to make sure that the transaction will not cause an overdraft.

Everything relates back to your budget: Income, expenses, and goals are all presented in terms of dollars allocated and dollars to be allocated. This is great for keeping you on track, but it also means that YNAB lacks the trend graphics and other analytical lenses we loved from Mint, Quicken, and Personal Capital.

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Personal Capital lets you monitor your finances without getting too entrenched in day-to-day balance changes. If you have unpredictable paychecks, for instance, it might not make sense to stick to a set monthly budget like that of YNAB. Or maybe you have unusual spending habits, like frequent business travel. In that case, using a transaction-focused software like Mint may not be particularly useful. Personal Capital offers a little more flexibility.

The first thing you see after logging in is your net worth, represented by a calming blue graph.

You also have immediate access to income and spending trends: You can see, on a monthly basis, which categories the majority of your transactions fall into. This gives you a good idea of where your money is going and whether or not you need to make any high-level adjustments to your spending patterns. That meant we had immediate access to a substantial history of spending and savings trends. Expenses are slotted into general categories e. Do with it what you will. They feel a little more rigid — like an advisor counseling you about what you should be doing with your finances. This software will keep you in the loop about your finances without being overly prescriptive.

Between TV streaming and music streaming, magazines and newspapers, and those self-care shipments that are perhaps self-sabotaging your wallet, we let a lot of holes in our financial boats go unexamined. By organizing them in one place, and putting a Cancel button front and center, Clarity keeps you well-aware of your subscription spending. Most budget programs, free or paid, lack this one simple feature: Making your costs more visible is something that most financial apps do very well. But what do you do with that information after you get it? The app spots negotiable bills in your credit history — things like cable and phone bills that invite haggling — and can automatically re-negotiate on your behalf.

If you receive the same paycheck every two weeks and your expenses stay more or less even month after month, you will have smooth sailing tracking your budget with Clarity. Before starting with a personal finance software program, have an honest conversation with yourself about why you need it.

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