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Standout product: Skin Foundation Stick. Charlotte Tilbury says; "I want to make every woman the most beautiful version of themselves". And it's not just makeup that Charlotte is now known for, she's also incredibly passionate about healthy skin. With skincare products and tonnes of skincare benefits incorporated into her makeup range, she wants to ensure you're doing the best for your skin at all times. So, it was no surprise that my makeup artist, Deborah, started with a pretty in-depth skincare regime.

After cleansing my skin, she applied a deeply hydrating mask all over my face and even on my lips. After that, it was onto her world-famous Magic Cream which genuinely did give instant results. Adding a pop of green to the lid and it was on to skin. Using a mix of highlighting primer and a full coverage foundation, I was left with an incredibly flawless base with all the radiance a girl could want. This look was so different from anything I've tried before. Cooled tones, incredibly dramatic, and covering a much wider area than I usually would on my eyes.

However, with shimmer eyeshadows and very glowy skin, I did worry about looking a bit like a disco ball in pictures - not the case.

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This look photographed beautifully - perfect for all those festive selfies I'll be taking. YSL are known for their signature red lip. Over the years, the rouge 01 has become the stuff of legend with the brand now embracing all other variants in the bolder lip colours spectrum. Working from their new Christmas range, my makeup artist Niall wanted to keep my eyes very simple so to really highlight my lips.

Yes, is was all about that popping pout, again something I'm not used to. Starting off with a little skincare, a face and eye serum was applied before a hydrating moisturiser to make sure my skin was feeling extra nourished and ready for foundation. Working with a few different base products, Niall built up the coverage slowly and went for a more matte finish.

Then it was on to the lips. This look was a lot less dramatic than I would usually go for, especially around the eyes. And while I don't think it would be for me for a party, it is definitely something I could imagine myself wearing to a wedding or summer event. In the depths of winter, I prefer my eyes as dark as the 4pm sky; in summer, I'm all about the light and natural look.

Standout product: Touche Eclat there's a reason it's a cult product. Having heard plenty of positive reviews of their makeover services over the years I had high expectations. My lovely makeup artist Anna went in with a foundation she felt matched the finish I was after medium to full coverage, dewy but not shiny and LONG lasting.

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How to Apply Foundation Expert Tips From MAC Cosmetics | POPSUGAR Beauty Australia

While some people presumed I saw this as an inconvenience, I actually saw it as a good thing. I felt more confident that she would rather start again than have me walking out looking like a Tayto crisp. Keen to play up my blue eyes, Anna said she wanted to stay away from the copper tones that are huge right now just to show me that there are other colours that can make blue eyes pop.

Heading straight for the rich cranberries and plums, she went for a very blown-out rich eye look with a polished shimmer in the centre of the lid. A little bit of soft contouring and a whole lot of highlighter me loves my highlighter and all that was left to do was my lippie. While she didn't want to overpower the look with too strong a lip, Anna also wanted to make sure my mouth didn't disappear into my face either.

This look instantly left me feeling super confident and, dare I say it without sounding weird, sexy! Apply it as a final step, so you can tell where you really need it. It will remove shine," he says. A fuller brow also makes your face look younger and fresher, but be careful not to overdo it," he says. The brow should have dimension and not look too sharp or too opaque for everyday wear," Rabanal says. This will look natural in both photos and real life," he says. Using three colors a neutral, a darker shade, and a highlighter will make your eyes appear brighter and larger in pictures.

Start with a classic defining shape.

Neutral shadow over the lid will even things out, darker shadow in the crease will make your eyes pop, and highlighter at the inner corner and on the brow bone will brighten up the darker areas of the eye. If your eyelid is smoother without a strong crease, blend the deeper shade on the outer corner of the eye for nice dimension. Let your bone structure be the guide.

MAC Training Secrets Revealed! From an Ex MAC Trainer - Contour, Eye Shapes and Color Theory

You can begin by applying it at the outer corner of your eye, sweeping inward along the crease. Then, apply highlighter to the inner corner and brow bone. The biggest tip: Use your brush to blend so that you can't see where one shadow begins and the other ends.

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If you have a smoother eyelid, try applying the liner while the eye is open and sculpt your perfect shape. The closer to the lash and tighter the line, the better! Start with the classic shape and experiment with adding to it to incorporate a bit of your personality," he says. They're meant to enhance your eyes and natural lashes, which is why basically every celebrity ever wears them on the red carpet. Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes by saturating the roots first and brushing out to the ends of the lashes.

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