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Instead, you generally have to wrestle with the solid model until it imports properly, and then you have to tell the CAM program where the parts of interest on the model are and what sorts of toolpaths to apply to them. Imagine my surprise when I loaded up MeshCAM CNC Software , stuck a solid model in it, and discovered that with very little trouble I could drumroll please : push a button and get a g-code program.

Cool beans! Here was my Rhino model:. Love to try some 4 axis when I get my fourth built, and the 2-sided looks handy as heck too.

Cnc simulator for mac

Love the tabs for fixturing. I point out these options, because they make it possible to do a lot of the complex things other CAM programs allow. Very talented man. Other than selecting an appropriate milling cutter, all the right options come up pre-selected. Note that these are basically the same toolpath choices for 3D as my OneCNC uses, with some differences.

And, I have to do a fair amount more work to just bang out a quick program like I did here. This is the backplot from just the roughing pass—too many lines if I add finishing to make sense of it:.

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These are deals almost nobody knows about. Meanwhile, give MeshCAM a try. Get our latest blog posts delivered straight to your email inbox once a week for free. Do you mind in the event I personallydo it?

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Thx -Vera. Great article, wonderful screen shots…. Users have come up with incredible uses for this feature to make parts that would be almost impossible with a traditional CAD program. MeshCAM has a built-in post processor to transform the gcode to work with your machine. It supports lots of machine types as-is and it can be extended to support most other.

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The post processor format is fully documented in the help file so you can make changes if you find the need. The worst part of any new CNC software is being confronted by a wall of settings to create a toolpath. You just pick the cutters, tell MeshCAM the desired quality level, and it will analyze the model to pick values to get you started. You can tweak them to make them better or use them as-is.

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Every part requires a slightly different approach to machine it efficiently. This is not something you have to worry about with MeshCAM.

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  4. Some parts are very difficult to machine because they're very difficult to hold down. Clamps and vises get in the way and turn what should be an easy job into a complicated one. The supports hold the part in place so you can keep the cutter away from your vise.

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    Huge in physical size and huge in file size. Jewelers and engineers are making incredibly detailed parts with files that contain millions of polygons. MeshCAM Pro includes a 3D toolpath simulator that will show you not only where the tool will go, but how the finished part will look.