Hybrid hard drive mac pro

How to Install OS X on new hybrid hard drive

Computer manufacturers include these drives in their computers to offer solid-state speeds at a lower price with more storage. A hybrid drive is also a single physical drive, which can be a big advantage.

If you have a laptop with a single drive bay and you want both solid-state speeds and mechanical drive storage capacity, a hybrid drive is the one thing you can put into that drive bay to get both. A solid-state drive would be superior in every way. Hybrid drives are only useful because solid-state drives are still more expensive per GB. If you want both solid-state speeds and a large amount of storage space, having a hybrid drive may be simpler because the drive moves files around for you. A hybrid hard drive will be significantly faster than a mechanical drive.

Internal Desktop Hard Drives

That caching algorithm will store operating system and program files in the solid-state memory, offering solid-state speeds when accessing cached files. Hybrid drives start on the slow side. When you start using a hybrid drive, no caching will have occurred — so the drive will be just as slow as a traditional mechanical drive. As you use the drive and it learns which files should be cached, speed will gradually improve. A single solid-state drive — or a solid-state drive plus a mechanical hard drive in a desktop PC, if you have room for both — will outperform a hybrid drive.

Everything on a solid-state drive will be as fast as the small cache portion of a hybrid drive. By installing your operating system and programs to a solid-state drive, you can ensure those files benefit from the fastest access times possible. Managing this on your own will likely offer better performance. You'll almost certainly need to format the new drive first.

Select the drive icon, and the Partition tab will become clickable. Click that tab, and partition the new drive as a single OS X Extended journaled partition. Depending on what version of OSX you're booting from, you may also see an Options button.

Once the disk is formatted, you can either install an OS of your choice on it, or clone your existing drive data to the new drive using a third party utility such as SuperDuper! This will copy all the data from your existing drive onto the new drive, and then make the new drive bootable.

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At that point, you open up the machine and swap the drives. About halfway into the first boot off a new OS, the setup assistant will ask if you want to transfer data from an external source - a different drive, a different computer, or a Time Machine backup. This will leave behind whatever OS oddities were on the old drive, so you can get on with developing new OS oddities. The shareware utilities I've listed above are far more straightforward about what they're doing, and more reliable as well. I replaced the hard drive after formatting and installing OS X.

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How to create a Fusion Drive in OS X:

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Previous Next Sort by votes. Heavybarrel Reputable. Sep 7, 12 0 4, 0. I've decided to get a new hard drive for my mid 13" Macbook pro.

Ferocious Performance

Does it work well in a Mac and does it considerably increases the performance? I'm basically looking to increase the performance of my mac, and get increased storage space.

I want the perks of SSD but with the value of a "regular" hard drive. Sep 25, 3 0 4, 1. Honestly it's been amazing and i'm a power user.

Seagate 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive in a Mac | Tom's Hardware Forum

When sliding in to Windows my factory drive would sometimes take up to 5 minutes and with my hybrid drive 2 seconds. Also, rebooting Windows 7 while running Mavericks with the Hybrid drive takes 15 seconds or less. All in all it's been fantastic. It's instant on resume. Boot up is cut in half or less for sure. Mine has been flawless and i couldn't live without it.