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Logitech receivers compatible with the Unifying protocol can be identified by the orange Unifying logo, which distinguishes them from Logitech Nano receivers of similar appearance, which pair in a similar manner but only with a single device, without using the Unifying protocol. Logitech Unifying receivers LURs are often included in wireless Logitech keyboard, mouse, and combo sets, and may be purchased separately. Some Logitech peripherals allow a receiver to be stored inside. Each peripheral device can pair to one receiver per profile. These devices can be connected to multiple receivers simultaneously.


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This allows the use of receivers in several computers, e. For devices without multi-computer support, the receiver and input devices can be moved together from one computer to another, maintaining their paired status after being unplugged, as the pairing information is held in the little USB receiver [2] —this is much simpler than transferring the peripheral from one receiver to another by changing the setup in software, and also avoids the limitation to 45 pairings of older devices.

This also allows the use of peripherals on computing devices that do not support Unifying Software, e. Some older Unifying devices limit the number of allowable pairing changes to a maximum of 45 times.

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Once the 45th connection is made, it is no longer possible to connect such a device to a different receiver. For users who often switch a Unifying device between multiple PCs or laptops with individual receivers, this connection limit can become an issue.

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For example, a user who frequently switches a mouse between two receivers e. Newer devices can switch pairings an unlimited number of times. Wireless devices using the Unifying Receiver are supported since Linux 3. Many companies have made peripherals that connect via USB wireless receivers very similar to Logitech's; Logitech devices are incompatible with many of these "off-brand" receivers [ citation needed ].

Several security vulnerabilities of the Logitech Unifying system have been reported, [9] and patches released. Mousejacking, first reported by Bastille Networks, Inc. The exploit takes advantage of a user's vulnerable Logitech Unifying receiver and unencrypted signals within a range of about meters. Possible exploits include:. Logitech has released Unifying receiver firmware updates as new exploits were reported.

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For Linux users there are native options to flash and experiment with such as fwupd and MouseJack. Flashing on a Linux host via a hypervisor such as VirtualBox along with a Windows virtual guest image and the Windows Logitech update executable is also possible. If using a Windows virtual guest, it is recommended to have a second available pointing device while the dongle is being updated.

The second pointing device may be needed to allow the user to select and enable pass through of the unifying receiver via the hypervisor task bar after executing the firmware updater so that the device is found and updated. Updating the Unifying receiver firmware to versions RQR On July 9, another set of vulnerabilities was disclosed and documented by a different researcher.

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