Mac lethal beatbox iphone guitar fast rap

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Mac Lethal

Synced by hocky yudhiono. Translated by FAN X.

Mac Lethal "iPhone Loop Freestyle" At: Guitar Center

Correct lyrics. Top lyrics by Mac Lethal Pull That Hair Mac Lethal. Welcome to My Myspace Page feat.

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Joe Good Mac Lethal. Fifth of Loss Mac Lethal. Camera 2 Mac Lethal. Shotgun Mac Lethal.

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In his song, he takes jabs at Westboro Baptist Churchafter the church threatened to protest the funerals of shooting victims from the Sandy HookElementary School tragedy. And, I love Willie Nelson, classical music, rock and roll,Cajun, and may more music styles. The song is referring to West boro Bapt ist , the controversial group out of Topeka, Kansas, thatis notorious for picketing at the funerals of soldiers, athletic events, gay pride parades, and a widevariety of other events.

Mac Lethal lives in Kansas City, Mo. He put together the music in advance, and days later added the lyrics to it.

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Anymoney made from the sale of this new song by Rapper Mac Lethal will be donated to the families ofthe Newtown, CT victims. The churchwas supposed to picket the wake of Sandy Hook Principal Dawn Hochsprung, but its membersnever showed. How about looking for a good program that you can use to supplement your income at the sametime? Click Here to see our income disclosure.