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The form factor is just about perfect. These butterfly keyboards are polarizing. Some love them, some hate them. I like a laptop keyboard with a clickier feel and more travel than these keyboards, but with this third generation, the keys do snap back a bit more than they did in the first two generations. Well, here it is. Battery life has been outstanding. I believe it. Space gray stickers for a space gray MacBook Air. USB-C plugs are hard to pull out.

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MagSafe was easier to connect and disconnect. The magnetic charging of the new Apple Pencil reminds me quite a bit of MagSafe. It was just such a great idea. I miss the charging indicator light on the MagSafe connector too.

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The glowing Apple logo on the back. The new arrow key layout. I want my upside-down T layout back. Back in August I wrote:. Prior butterfly keyboards in and MacBook Pro models have been criticized for occasional failures when exposed to crumbs, dust, and other small particulates. Apple has said that the focus of the keyboard redesign was making it quieter, but while the company has not publicly admitted it, it also improves reliability and better prevents dust from getting into the keys.

An iFixit teardown of the MacBook Pro found a thin, silicone barrier that's been added to the keyboard, providing protection for each key. Photo of the silicone barrier in the third-generation butterfly keyboard via iFixit. The silicone barrier did prevent most dust from getting into the butterfly keys, but when exposed to sand, the membrane wasn't able to fully prevent keys from seizing up. This suggests that the membrane is not impenetrable, but it's more protection than offered in earlier versions of the butterfly keyboard.

Glowing dust shown at the barriers of the membrane, which prevented it from getting into the butterfly mechanism. For earlier MacBook Pro models, Apple launched a keyboard repair program that has seen the company offering free repairs for faulty keyboards. As with previous MacBook Pro models, much of the bottom of the MacBook Pro machines is taken up by the Force Touch trackpad, which doubled in size starting in Apple introduced the larger trackpad to give users more room for gestures. The Force Touch trackpad has no traditional buttons and is instead powered by a set of Force Sensors, allowing users to press anywhere on the trackpad to get the same response.

A Taptic Engine powered by magnets provides users with tactile feedback when using the trackpad, replacing the feel of a physical button press. The Force Touch trackpad supports a light press, which is used as a regular click, along with a deeper press or "force click" as a separate gesture that does things like offer up definitions for a highlighted word. The Touch Bar is contextual and can perform a huge range of functions on the Mac depending on which app is in use.

The Touch Bar is a matte-style display that blends right in with the rest of the keys on the keyboard, and in MacBook Pro machines, it supports True Tone, allowing the white balance to be adjusted to match the ambient lighting conditions. Interacting with the Touch Bar is done through taps, swipes, and other multi-touch gestures, with support for up to 10 fingers at a time available. The Touch Bar consists of a static but customizable Control Strip on the right housing the typical system functions you need to access quickly, like volume, audio playback, brightness, and Siri, with an ESC key on the left.

In the middle, there's an open spot that dynamically displays the most useful controls for the app you're using, and most third and first-party apps offer Touch Bar support. Touch ID on the MacBook Pro can be used in lieu of a password, unlocking the Mac when a finger is placed on the sensor.

It also replaces a password for password protected apps, and it can be used to make Apple Pay purchases in Safari. Touch ID is powered by a separate Apple-designed T2 chip with a Secure Enclave that keeps your fingerprint data and personal information safe. Each port on the MacBook Pro models is identical and can be used for the same functions, so every one can be used to power the machine. All ports support the following connections: All external displays are able to run at 60Hz.

follow In and inch MacBook Pro models, the left side Thunderbolt 3 ports had reduced bandwidth due to the fact that the chips used in the machines only supported up to 12 PCI Express lanes. Apple's custom-made T2 chip, first introduced in the iMac Pro, is included in the MacBook Pro models to make them even more secure and to add additional functionality. The T2 chip houses the Secure Enclave processor that protects Touch ID fingerprint data and allows for secure boot and encrypted storage capabilities.

It also consolidates multiple controllers, including the system management controller, image signal processor, audio controller, and SSD controller. It supports enhanced tone mapping, improved exposure control, and face detection-based auto exposure to the FaceTime HD camera, and it encrypts the SSD on the fly using dedicated AES hardware. With Hey Siri capabilities, you can say "Hey Siri" to activate the personal assistant on the MacBook Pro without the need to press the physical Siri button.

The entry-level inch MacBook Pro uses Intel's 6-core 2. As a build to order option, the 6-core 2. The 6-core Intel Core i9 processor is up to 70 percent faster than the equivalent processor in the MacBook Pro, according to Apple. Apple's website lists several performance comparisons between and machines to show improvements, with examples below. Geekbench 4 benchmarks suggest the inch MacBook Pro models offer a 12 to 15 percent increase in single-core performance and a multi-core performance boost from 39 to 46 percent compared to equivalent models. Comparatively, machines with the Radeon Pro X graphics card earned maximum OpenCL scores of right around and Metal scores of approximately At launch, 13 and inch MacBook Pros were affected by a throttling issue that caused downgraded performance during CPU-intensive tasks.

The issue was discovered after a YouTuber noticed excessive throttling on the top-of-the-line inch MacBook Pro with i9 chip. Apple was silent on the issue for a few days before issuing a supplemental update to macOS High Sierra As it turns out, the inappropriate throttling was caused by a bug and was unintentional. According to Apple , there was a missing digital key in the firmware that impacted the thermal management system, driving down clock speeds under heavy thermal loads. The supplemental update fixed the issue and should be installed on all new MacBook Pro models.

Shortly after the release of the patch, multiple tests of various MacBook Pro models, including a test from Dave Lee, who originally found the problem, concluded that MacBook Pro performance was much improved. The MacBook Pro is able to switch between the two video card options based on task, using the built-in graphics for non-intensive work to preserve battery life and then switching to the Radeon Pro for GPU-heavy tasks like gaming or video editing.

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Apple in introduced super fast SSDs with sequential read speeds of up to 3. The camera in the MacBook Pro has not been upgraded compared to the previous-generation machine. It continues to use a p FaceTime HD camera. Apple's inch MacBook Pro offers "all-day" battery life with up to 10 hours of wireless web usage, up to 10 hours of iTunes movie playback, and up to 30 days of standby time. The machine is equipped with an Up to two displays with by resolution at 60Hz at over a billion colors Up to four displays with by resolution at 60Hz at over a billion colors.

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