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Sean Mac's signature complete even comes with a gold chain. This year, as the majority of street riders seem to be making the move from cassette hubs to freecoasters, more and more brands are offering their own version of freecoaster hubs, including Demolition pictured here , Cult and Primo. KHE debuted its Affix internal detangler system two years ago at Interbike, but seems to be finally ready to release it on complete bikes while also offering the technology to other brands.

The jury remains out. Last year, Primo came out swinging with a reinvigorated team and new products, but internal struggles with the brand former brand manager John Richard was relieved of his position in February led some to question the future of Primo. Primo answered with new signature products for the team, new graphics, team trips and much more. Look for Primo at the Tip Plus booth if you're in Vegas.

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After a few years and several incarnations of the brand, Stranger is now backed by Tip Plus and appears to be entering the complete bike market according to their Instagram feed and new team, which consists of Gabe Brooks, Miles Rogoish, Aaron Brenner, Caleb Quanbeck and Eric Lichtenberger. Perhaps the most unexpected collaboration to be unveiled at Interbike is the Cult inch cruiser bike adorned in graphics and themes licensed by "The Simpsons.

It's definitely a bike you can thrash on or just cruise to the bar," said Cult's Robbie Morales about the collaboration. We've been longtime fans of Wethepeople's approach to complete bike building spec'ing, and we're expecting to be equally impressed by their line of bikes.

Expect some innovations, expect some never before additions and expect a stunning collection of well crafted complete bikes, parts and aftermarket frames," Wethepeople said. Because of the low expectations of Las Vegas, and because of the lack of a NORA Cup Awards to tempt most riders to Vegas, we're expecting the big buzz from Interbike to be a lack of buzz.

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Will most pros skip Vegas in favor of Texas Toast next month? Our guess is yes. Our guess is no.


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Fit Bike Co.

X Games presents official Aspen ambassador program. Suddenly a car drifted into the bike lane, hitting Ross from behind at approximately 50 miles per hour. He was catapulted up and over the hood of the car, striking his head on the car and shattering his helmet before being thrown in excess of feet.

He probably should have died from the impact, but his body is that of a serious athlete: strong and fit from miles of training rides. Another thing in his favor: the good Samaritans who stopped to administer aid knew exactly what to do to keep him alive. Less than an hour after impact he was in surgery at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. It would be hours later before his parents even knew their only son had been seriously injured, and his injuries are very bad.


Two weeks after the accident, Ross was still in a coma with severe brain trauma, his cervical fracture had been surgically stabilized and the abrasions and lacerations, including a fracture dislocation of his right elbow, had begun to heal. The initial swelling in his brain subsided enough that the doctors were able to replace the sections of his skull they had removed right after the accident. The original surgery was performed to reduce pressure and further injury to his brain.

On August 22, he was moved to Marin General Hospital for surgery to install a shunt to treat hydrocephalus. He underwent further brain surgery to repair a previously undetected fracture, then developed pneumonia and septic shock. By October 10 he was well enough to leave Marin General, but not sufficiently recovered to return to Kentfield. He was moved to Herrick Hospital in Berkeley, a sub-acute care facility where he remained in a coma, however, he began to show enough improvement that he was returned to Kentfield rehab center on March 24, Unfortunately, Ross was not able to show enough improvement while at Kentfield to maintain insurance coverage for rehabilitation.

Faced with the choice of warehousing Ross in a nursing home without any regular therapy, or taking him home where they could continue his therapy and treatment, Ross's parents choice to take him home. On June 7, , one year and four days after the accident that forever changed so many lives, Ross returned to his home in Glen Ellen. The Dillons were promised "seamless coverage" of therapists, aides and nursing care if they decided to take him home. Obviously, that hasn't happened.

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In order to bring in aides for a few nights a week as well as occasional nursing care, expenses are met out of pocket. Some of Ross's extensive therapy is being done by an amazing cadre of volunteers, but much of it must be paid for. Ross definitely appears to show improvement with therapy, but it's very expensive.

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