Satechi st-uha 4-port aluminum usb hub for mac

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You may use a package forwarding service. Product Information See the original Japanese page. Smartphone, an external hard disk, camera, Flash drives, keyboard, printer, or other USB device connection is possible. With angle without taking up valuable desktop space is a compact body design allows easy access to four USB ports. Weight g.

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Review: Satechi stand for iMac includes a built-in hub

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Need to convince your boss? Digital art allows us to experiment with all sorts of compositions. There are some ideas, however, that are truly amazing. One in particular that has inspired us most is the Jan Matejko Battle of Grunwald - an impeccable example of how to reconstruct a painting from the Romantic era in 3D. Today's post shines a spotlight on this incredible project done by Platige Image.

In order to do that the Platige image team created 67 unique characters, each rendered as three-dimensional models and put together to form a clear spatial composition. I know that there are lot of people like me that love travel apps, then you need to take a look at Trevi and Dcovery!

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Hope you guys like all the whole selection, and stay tuned for the next week! You can keep sending me your suggestions via Twitter twitter. Tuesday Total Textures is post series that will bring a new life to your Tuesdays.

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Every week I'll be posting some free hi resolution textures that you can download to use in your projects. Check out this week's free textures, download the ones you like and start making your texture collection. Some artists got that kind of talent that transports us to a world of complete awe, making us not believe that someone would be so much talented like that.

That's exactly the case of Shintaro Ohata, an artist from Hiroshima. He came up with a mesmerizing technique of mixing both 2D and 3D pieces, paintings and sculptures. It looks like living drawings, just waiting to keep moving, not being stuck to that depicted moment. Fantastic indeed. For more of Shintaro's works, please visit his personal portfolio. He'll definitely appreciate your visits. It's been a while since the last time I checked DeviantArt. It is always a nice place to find design inspiration.

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In this particular instance I was looking for some stylish illustrations for a personal project when I stumbled upon the work of Alice X. Alice is a full time freelance illustrator from the United States. Her illustrations are the definition of bold and are easily recognizable by the saturation of red used throughout the majority of her work making me reminiscent of the 80s. There's also nice usage of brush splatters and textures to give her work a personality all its own. So in this post we would like to share with you some beautiful illustrations by the very talendted AliceX.

Copyright AliceX. Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates founded in is a world reference in architecture, with 6 offices and projects in several countries. Working with architecture, interiors and urban planning to public and private clients. They won big impact with major works, always showing a lot of quality in their solutions, regardless of the scale of the project.

Today the firm has six global offices located in New York, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul and Abu Dhabi, working there 23 leaders and 19 directors, with more than employees from 43 different countries, speaking more than 30 languages including over 80 professionals accredited by LEED. In the company's portfolio contains more than 70 projects being analyzed by certified or Green buildings.

Today the office KPF has projects in more than 35 countries. Typography Mania is a weekly post series that comes around once a week with the best of Typography design works on the web, from type videos to images everything is full of great design and typography inspiration. Users can submit their typography designs. Click here to check out all the previous Typography Mania. Make sure to click on each image to go to original location where you can check out more work from each artist and designer.

Submitted by Jay Roeder. Submitted by Type Giggity. Submitted by nehodrawm. Submitted by gerardodesign. Submitted by Hadi.


Submitted by Decade Typefoundry. Submitted by Magdalena Werner. Submitted by Solo Submitted by mil3n. Submitted by Michael Spitz. Submitted by Fernandes's Graphic. Submitted by OEVB. Submitted by Marisa Passos. A good movie illustration is the one that reminds you of how great a certain film was. Also, illustrations really help creating a certain kind of feel to a particular movie, which might even become a pop culture or cult one. The work of Italian artist Ale Giorgini is just like that: awakens feelings towards beloved, classic movies.

This is a great way to present you the work of this amazing artist. The best part is that you can actually buy his art at Society6. What a great way to have close to you the work of artists you really enjoy.