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There's three ways you can deal with that. It pertains to iTunes in the cloud. The jet stream?

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But, Photo Stream and music downloads don't count. So it's "more than it sounds. So that's iCloud. It stores your content and pushes it to all of your devices, and it's integrated with all your apps. You can look at all your albums find anything you like, and then just hit that cloud button. I buy something on my iPhone and it's not on my other devices.

I grab my iPod and I go to listen to that song and it ain't there! We think you're going to like it a lot. A little advertising tie-in, perhaps? Moving over to iPhoto, going to Photo Stream, and again there's the picture. We think this is going to be really exciting. On the Mac or PC, all are stored permanently. We'll store the last 1, photos. A lot of us have been working for 10 years to get rid of the file system so the user doesn't have to learn about it. When I get home, pick up the iPad and fire up Pages, and the document thumbnail has already been updated. Could iCloud be launching today?

Get a new device?

Just type in your ID and password and there's your content, pushed right there. You can push the button and pull things locally if it was purchased elsewhere.

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When you buy a new app or a new device everything is propagated across again. Plus, you can share your calendars with other users.

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Naturally, change it anywhere and that change propagates. They're the ones who brought me MobileMe. Steve just called MobileMe "not our finest hour.

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It just all works. It automatically uploads it, stores it, and pushes it to all your devices. We think it's way more than that. Steve's talking about taking pictures on your iPhone which are pushed up to the cloud and then pushed back down to all the other devices. We're going to demote the PC and the Mac to just be a device. Because the devices have changed. And it did, for the better part of 10 years, but it's broken down in the last few years. We've been working on this for some time now, and I'm really excited about it.

While responding, the iPad user gets a notification that the iPhone user is typing away.

The iPhone is running a game. Lets you send text messages, photos, videos, contacts, and even do group messaging. It works tremendously well to send text messages and photos and our customers love it -- our iPhone users.

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But what about our iPad users, and our iPod touch users? Settlers and Carcasonne fans in the house just started smiling. To put that into perspective Xbox Live has been around for about eight years and they have around 30 million users. There are more than , game and entertainment titles in the App Store. We already saw the improved photo editing, and in Mail you can create and delete mailboxes from iOS. Basically, it's a much more independent operating system.

It's that easy. Nobody likes cables up in this house.

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We're cutting the cable here, folks. Scott didn't know what a lychee fruit is, apparently.

Doesn't know what he's missing out on. You can crop, rotate, reduce red-eye, and you can do a one click enhance -- if you're feeling lucky. Huge applause on that one. But, your existing photos are protected. It'll set up a geofence. Lots of folks apparently ignoring their honey-do lists to be here today. Tap on "Tweet" and you get what they're calling the "Tweet Sheet" which is a common control across the Twitter-friendly apps. He switches to Reader view and all the content is presented in one view.

Demo time. Cautious applause from the webmasters in the room It's up in the address bar. It's also the most popular. Again, taking a cue from Android. Just tap the action button, hit "Tweet" and it's attached. Jump into Settings, add in your deets, and you're configured for Twitter. Those credentials are then saved and can be optionally shared with any app that requests them. It's integrated with the home screen, looks like, well, a newspaper stand. We're seeing a few missed calls, a Facebook notification, and a text message.

It's accessed by swiping down from the top. Got a few cat-calls from the saucier coders in the room.

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This is incredible for our developers and our customers. This one? You won't have to buy multiple copies! Lion will be available only in the App Store.