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I'm not entirely sure what its purpose is but for some reason the version of the Unifying Software it comes with does work and allowed me to pair my mouse again. Now there are multiple reports of weird scrolling behaviours concerning Logitech mouses on MacOS Sierra - if that's your case, it seems that installing the Logitech Control Center might help after all. I installed it again and I can configure my mouse properly - the application seems to happily live alongside the Logitech Options one in the System Preferences.

I had enough emotions for one day though, and didn't dare to open the Unifying Software from the Control Center will you?

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Full story Having worked with a Magic Trackpad version 1 for a while, then with a mouse again for one of my contracts, I realised I actually felt more comfortable using the latter. I inserted some batteries, plugged the dongle and switched the mouse on: nothing. I ran brew doctor , fixed as many issues as possible and retried my command. I understand that if I ignore these instructions, my issue may be closed without review.

Using Osx Uninstaller to Breezily Remove Logitech Control Center

This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Delete these lines. Change this one to read uninstall pkgutil: [. This is familiar to me. Workaround described works, thanks! Sign up for free to subscribe to this conversation on GitHub.

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Yes, the interface is really chunky and I would rather have it integrated into the OS but Has a lot of possibilities for every button too. Oh, just one thing: Profiles don't work.

Uninstall Logitech Control Center from Mac

LCC 3. Instead, nothing, zero, nada de nada, no update. Not good for a Swiss company, which should value precision above all New versions back then introduced new bugs and incompatibility with the latest OS releases. Sad to hear they still can't get it right.

source url Another vote for SteerMouse. IMHO, the Logitech mouse hardware is the best and conversely, the Logitech mouse software is the worst. I've used it for 3 different Logitech mice, a Microsoft bluetooth mouse, and even the Apple Magic Mouse. I long stopped using Logitech drivers as i had so many problems on various client systems. Real bummer as IT bought 50 Logitech mouses everyone installed the drivers themselves and the problems began.

I use USBOverdrive and it really has never failed me with loads of different devices. Well, 3.

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  • It would flash up and disappear. I had complained to Logitech for over a year. And their support truly sucks.

    For example, it is impossible to use their support pages because there is no option to log in with an existing account! Lost your password?

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    • Powered by the Parse. The latest versions still have issues with Snow Leopard; here are a couple of semi-workarounds for some of those issues: LCC version 3. LCC version 3.

      Uninstall Logitech Control Center Successfully Using Mac Uninstaller Tool

      A lot of people are complaining about it , but still no fix from Logitech. The Logitech 'solution' is to downgrade to version 3.