Imessage mac os x not working

Step 2.

If you can't sign in to your iMessage account or FaceTime on your Mac

Now find board-id. Add your system definitions at that blank line. The solution is to change your MacOS serial number.

Send Text Messages on MAC

To do that, Download Clover Configurator latest version. Open clover configurator on your Virtual Machine that macOS is installed. To do that, open macOS Mojave. For more detail see step 1 of this guide for further support. If you get an error message during opening the Clover configurator or any other application just Close the error window. I hope you guys have learnt some useful information from this guide.

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Mukhtar Jafari is the CEO of wikigain. He would like to share his experiences with IT enthusiast via this blog. I try to change efi. But when I open the machine and check with imessange debug the efi. ROM value is always f SoiMessage and FaceTime do not work. Please any help! Neither solution works. Many people will come here expecting a solution but only finding a waste of time. Shame the OP doesnt respond with suggestions. His suggestion is actually spot in step 1 with one exception. Check all the available contact methods on the Accounts tab. Make sure to check all the boxes.

In order to avoid creating duplicate messages, make sure every device logged into iCloud has the same option here.

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  • Your best bet is to use your cell phone number, since that setting is supported by the largest number of devices. If your device is logged in but not syncing properly, scroll down to the iCloud sign-in step. Delete and then add your account back in, but follow the steps carefully.

    Messages now syncs with iCloud on newer versions of macOS. This can cause its own problems, unfortunately. The best fix is an attempt to reset the connection. The idea is to sign out of iCloud completely, reboot, then sign in to iCloud from a fresh boot. If you have data synced with iCloud, this can be a little tricky. First, you need to make sure you have your iCloud files backed up at all times anyway.

    We would recommend downloading all your document and desktop files from iCloud and disabling that sync before proceeding. Be sure to keep the files on your Mac when you disable it! First, log out of iCloud and Messages. You can also copy the folder to your Desktop if you want to preserve a copy of the cached messages for later. If your device time is incorrect, many authentication processes will fail.

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    • Usually, iCloud Keychain does not include or sync any of your system keychain items, including your iMessage encryption keys. If you notice that the last time FaceTime or iMessage synced was a while ago and the aspd. For most of her professional life, Amanda Elizabeth Liz for short trained all sorts of folks on how to use media as a tool to tell their own unique stories.

      How to Set Up iMessage on Mac

      She knows a thing or two about teaching others and creating how-to guides! Elizabeth received her Master of Fine Arts degree in media making from Temple University, where she also taught undergrads as an adjunct faculty member in their department of Film and Media Arts. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

      I did ALL that you suggested, from the Keychain access advice onwards and it worked briefly for 3 seconds. All my history showed up on the FaceTime page before suddenly cutting off and reverting to the Login again. Make sure you say the problem is related to your Apple ID—these type of support calls are always free of cost. Thank you very much for this detailed summary. I tried everything, what Apple says and what you suggest, with no result.

      iMessage not syncing between Mac and iPhone? Here is a fix

      Your apple ID may be blocked due to an incomprehensible situation. I called many operators and wrote off many and no one could help me.

      Check where you can be reached at

      I am from Ukraine and wrote to Russia, and then they contacted me and unblocked my apple. Great thanks to them. I was connected to my work Wifi and it must not have allowed authentication on this. Connected to a hotspot on my phone and it went all okay. Put network back to normal after the authentication and messages still send so it was restricting the authentication only.

      I had to call Apple Support and have them remove me from their blocked list. Hi, I was wondering, while you were on the block list were you able to text from other devices? I went through exactly the same thing…iCloud works perfectly fine on my MacBook other than the iMessage and FaceTime, which are both fine on my other devices.