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It means you would like to have your drive with you when you are out. Portable drives come into play here. For sure, it should be light and small to be placed into a bag or a pocket. Obviously, you will have a need to access it quickly and preferably having no external power cable. But also there is a situation when you want to use your external drive at home or office only.

You have no need to move it. Here you may look for network attached storage solutions. Nowadays we live in the age of technologies. Luckily, most of external drives are not heavy and large.

At the same time SSDs are supposed to be a little smaller than their hard drive counterparts. No doubt, you can buy a rugged casing for your external drive to protect it. But even here SSD technology has an advantage of having no moving parts inside.

Hard drive vs SSD: which is best?

It makes them more durable than a traditional storage drive. The chipset used will have a major impact on how your external hard drive performs in a couple of different ways. The most notable to the everyday user will be how quickly the hard drive can read, write, or retrieve the data stored on the drive.

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That said, the durability, as well as the ability to recover corrupted data, differ significantly as well. SSD — This is seen as the premier chipset used these days for a couple of reasons. This has a bit more to do with the entry and exit point for the data signals, but the fact remains that SSDs are faster than HDDs. On the flip side, due to the way that data is stored on an SSD hard drive, if something happens to the drive , there is little to nothing you can do to retrieve your data in most instances.

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HDD — This is the classic type of hard drive and relies on the data being stored on a magnetic disk which then spins during the read, write, or retrieval process. The quicker the drive can spin will impact how quickly the drive can perform each function. That said, the HDD drives are significantly easier to retrieve data from should the drive fail-though it can be expensive depending on the drive in question. At the end of the day you can choose whatever you want and may afford.

There is a wide range of different external drives on the market. Above we have described a lot of useful features and specifications to use and know about. Anyway, we still have some more pretty nice features which are worth your attention.

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Here is the list of some cool features and functions that some external drives may have:. In the end, the whole point of an external hard drive is to be able to backup and protect your data without slowing down your computer. If you can bite the bullet and pay the high cost, this drive will last without fail and protect your data with its bit AES encryption. I am Anthony Petit and I am the founder of whatever-tech. I became interested in technology when I was a kid. As a teen, when my friends were excited about attending sporting events and music concerts by the hottest artists, I was more interested in going to see and test out the latest tech gadgets at electronic industry trade shows.

I was fascinated by all the technological wizardry. Some posts may contain affiliate links. Antony Petit May 26, Top pick. We will be happy to hear your thoughts. Leave a reply Cancel reply. Luckily, for most people, the right choice is simple: a drive that supports USB 3. Inside the case, an external hard drive contains either a 2.

If you work mostly on a notebook Mac and lead a mobile lifestyle, carrying a bus-powered 2. Such a drive might also be best for a MacBook-equipped college student. After much research, Simply Mac settled on the LaCie line of external drives , which are made by one of the leading hard drive manufacturers, Seagate. It can write 20GB of files in just seconds. The new drive here is the runner-up, which some may consider an even better pick than the Samsung T5: The Sandisk Extreme Portable. You can read our review of it here , where we give it 4.

External-drive shopping can pull you deep into specs and features, but the most important two numbers for consumers are capacity and price.

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Keep in mind, this is one drive on one day July 11, , and just one vendor, Amazon, but it illustrates the point. Here are the same numbers in a bar chart form:.

In the end, it still costs more. The vast majority of drives today are USB drives. From there it gets confusing.

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Today, the flavors include: USB 3. USB 3. No single hard drive today can surpass the throughput of USB 3. The only place Gen 2 can help is with an SSD. The good news is that while USB 3. The top drive uses the older, slower Mini-USB interface. External drives come with a variety of confusing and esoteric ports. Its most important feature is that it supports up to 10Gbps transfer speeds. A standard USB Type C port on your desktop or laptop should be able to support a minimum of 15 watts, so you should be able to run larger, more power-hungry drives. For the performance-minded, Thunderbolt 3 is the natural alternative.

A Thunderbolt 3 portable hard drive would be a complete waste of time and money for most people. Thunderbolt 2 is, at this point, a dying port. Using a miniDisplayPort connector, it only really gained popularity on Macintosh PCs and is now being put out to pasture.