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At least one that didn't cost half as much as a used Core 2 Duo mini to justify it. So a settled for a chump change T 1. And the price was so cheap like it-could-pass-for-free kind of cheap. Moving on. Opening the mini was, for me, easy like those jarheads that assemble and disassemble their M14s blindfolded I never did it before so this was uncharted territory for me and frankly did not consider it much of a challenge as I had removed motherboards using similar gizmos.

I cut my fingers, bend the metal fins on the heat-sink, slashed my knuckles with the metal fins, sweat like a pig and cursed like a demon on fire. It took me hours. Damn those plastic pins are hard, small and annoying!

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I realize that the pins were so old and subjected to heat that they petrified to the point that it was impossible to squeeze them through the holes no matter what. I was pissed. Almost broke the logic board in anger and jumped to eBay to buy a used old mini, but then I decided to break the damn things and look for replacement alternatives.

Temperature is basically the same as before considering the two cores and higher clock speed.

Mini 2.1 (2007) with os 10.8?

One thing that puzzled me, I wanted to install Lion and sampled a test drive by booting it from an external 2. For this reason I'll put the OS upgrade on hold until I find out what's going on. Upgraded 1. Post OS X Some earlier reports noted updating the firmware to mini 2,1 with 3GB ram support. Another 2. Includes FYI on He's referring to the supported models plist file.

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Past notes on that here. Did you update to If any C2D updated mini owner tries the It is super easy: Here are the details - the exact process is on page 8. Thanks for a great website. Next step was a firmware upgrade, stepping my Mac Mini 1.

I managed to get my hands on a T for 20 Euros, and followed the various upgrade guides available especially the excellent Ifixit tutorial.. The chips were even advertised as being for the mac mini. The various instructions available on the web are a big help but do not adequately address a few things.

The screw that holds the motherboard down in the front right corner is longer than the other three. I marked this location on the top of the cd drive with permanent marker so I wouldn't lose track. The airport connector is on an annoyingly short cable. When re-installing connect it first before trying to replace the black plastic shroud holding the computer's guts.

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When the black plastic shroud is out turn it over and check the fan for dust or problems. Spray it with a can of air to clean dust out and insure the fan spins well. When removing the motherboard, the sticky heat transfer pad beneath the motherboard will hold the board down. Use something to gently lever the rear corners forward until they break lose and the board can be lifted out.

When reinstalling make sure to wipe the bottom chip down with alcohol so it will re-stick cleanly odds are your fingers touched it when the board was loose.

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Apple reccommends replacing the transfer pad but unless you have a source you won't be able and will need to reuse it. Once the board is out, turn it over and use needle nose pliers to carefully squeeze the plastic tips, first one side then the other, while applying slight pressure to pinch the end closed and nudge it under the hole edge then the same to the other side. By doing this carefully you can pop first one of the expanded tips into the hole then the other and the spring tension will immediately pull the pin through. I read a lot of horror stories about people breaking these.

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They are very similar to the motherboard standoffs used in many pcs but on a much smaller scale. Being familiar with those from building many pcs, I was able to apply the same methods as removing a pc motherboard from the standoffs. Note the position of the heat sink! If you don't, and this is not documented anywhere I saw, you can install it in the wrong orientation -there is nothing to prevent doing it- because the holes are in a square formation they fit.

And because the heatsink is rectangular the black plastic shroud will not fit back over and you have to disassemble the heat sink again to correct it. The thing to remember is the heat sink has about a half inch length in one direction and this points towards the back of the case. When reattaching the heat sink's plastic posts I placed the entire motherboard on a portion of a compartmentalized tray so that the bottom chip area was not touching the table but the board was supported. I used the same needle nose pliers with their points opened to cover most of the pin head and then to carefully push down the plastic heads until the pin clicked.

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After all are done, turn over the board and use a hook of some sort to wedge open the pin's legs to make sure they are locked in place. Dental tools or an A. Dick Stylus work well. That stylus I've used for years to hook and relatch laptop key scissor mechanisms among other things. Once the motherboard is back in the case I reconnected the power button and then connected it to power and a monitor to verify it would start before reassembling further. Once confirmed I put it all back together and it works well. Tomorrow I upgrade my Pro from two 2.

Bought a 2. Ended up using 2 of the nylon screws and nuts as they broke when re-installed. Upgraded to a gig apple sata drive left over from a gig client upgrade Booted to the old drive in a usb case and did carbon copy cloner. Reading now on the lion upgrade which I may do to the old usb case drive and then redo carbon copy cloner. May also get a SSD drive before I put it back together. Working well As noted on the front page news on Feb 6th , Apple pulled the original Delta Earlier reports on SU From Feb 20, mail " I started with When I upgraded to With Instead, I patched the "PlatformSupport.

A quick rundown of how this was done from the terminal: I'm happy to say the I think sometimes we have to expect the unexpected from Apple Best regards, Luca P. Over the years the Combo updater has often been a fix for those that used Software Update or Delta updates and had problems, including some However it won't be a fix for all of course. But again I was wondering if the Combo updater would reinstall the PlatformSupport. Brian K. He said he was using an edited plist file to add support where others just deleted the plist file but it was overwritten by the Combo updater. The Reports on earlier Lion version updates follow. Warning about That file was deleted as part of the workaround to run Lion on C2D upgraded unsupported macs. Core2 Duo Upgraded Macs and I'm sorry to say that And having a previous OS version bootable clone handy is a very good idea in general.

Well worth the cost of the drive IMHO.

Regards and sorry for my bad english. C2D Upgraded mini owner running Lion server sent a note about that.