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That's VLC 0. Note that it requires QuickTime 6.

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With prior versions, you'll get unexpected video output results. First of all, make sure that you got Any earlier release, particularly Additionally, while QuickTime 6.

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Yes, VLC 0. VLC's next major release 0. From the download page notes: "There is not, and there will never be, a version for Mac OS 9. Some video publishers might choose more elaborate methods of encryption, which might prevent you from ripping the DVD all together. This is pretty rare, but is something you should be aware of when performing a DVD rip.

An alternative method to ripping is to clone the DVD, which means you also back up the menu and extras. Create a new folder named after the movie, then select the DVD disc under the Devices heading on the left.

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If Finder appears to get jammed then sorry, the disc uses copy protection. Rename your folder, keeping the movie title but adding. Once you do this, the folder will turn into a single file.

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There are two ways of ripping a Blu-ray Disc to a Mac. The first involves decrypting and copying the entire disc to an. We used Aurora Software's Blu-ray Copy free ; a two-hour film took two hours to copy.

To play the copy, mount the disc image. The second option is to make an MKV file. MKV is a file-container format that can hold video, audio, picture, and subtitle tracks in a single file. It can decrypt a Blu-ray disc and save whatever parts you want in an MKV container. The decryption process takes about half the duration of the film; you'll have an MKV file that you can play back with VLC or other software.

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    Please someone help clarify something, and then I will try the software and leave a detailed review. I refuse to do that, so I did some digging and found this software. I hope it will let me see DVDs from other regions again. Will using this software allow me to change the drive region it currently says "no region" in Region X? And will I be able to make further changes to the drive in Mavericks without using up the limited drive region changes that are allowed?

    I really need to hear from somebody before I risk locking my drive and ruining my MBP for all intents and purposes. Any and all information is very appreciated.

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    Super useful! Still works on Mountain Lion And it's just saved my sanity. There's a prevalent bug in RegionX saved the day.